Flu Shot Clinic Schedule:

Sep 9, 2017- 9am-12pm

Please call for appointment.

View the KidsDoc Symptom Checker from HealthyChildren.org

Dr. de Freitas' Picture Book

Jake's Kindergarten Checkup

Well Child Visit Handouts

The below handouts are the ones we (Drs. de Freitas, Rana and Young) give out at the Well Child Visit.  Feel free to copy them if you forgot yours or just want to review ahead. 

Immunization Schedule

Click here for the recommended childhood and adolescent immunization schedule.

 Immunization Schedule 11-18 years of age

Please make sure you always bring your immunization card with you for your child's well child check.

There is further information on community resources and other topics related to pediatrics.  Please follow this link: Resources

To Access Dosage Charts for Fever/Pain Reducers:


If your child need a Health Information for Families you can ask us to download it and have it ready for your visit -