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Sep 9, 2017- 9am-12pm

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Dr. de Freitas' Picture Book

Jake's Kindergarten Checkup

Dr. de Freitas is please to announce her first children's picture book - Jake's Kindergarten Checkup - 

Jake welcomes his Kindergarten Checkup with Dr. Dee but fears the necessary inevitable shots.  His tag-along sister Chloe increases his fear at each step of the exam until her surprising empathy helps Jake muster the courage to complete the checkup.  The two head home, Jake Kindergarten-bound, both dually-rewarded.

Included: easy-to-understand explanations of a checkup’s elements and the accompanying medical tools and Tips for Parents – Preparing for Your Child’s Well Child Checkup and Vaccines. 

The picture book will be available on Amazon.com starting Jan. 10, 2106.  Please be sure fo visit the Amazon page and leave a review.  

Copies will also be available at the office for sale ($9.95) and personally autographed by Dr. de Freitas.